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Quiz #2

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What season are you

1. I love to.........
a. swim
b. garden
c. hang by the fire
d. jumping in piles of leaves
2. My colors are.......
a. blue and bright green
b. pink, yellow, and orange
c. red,  light blue, and white
d. brown and green
3. My perfect date would be.......\
a. going to the beach
b. going on a picnic
c. getting coffe at the mall
d. going to the movies
4. what is your perfect outfit
a. tank top and some cute shorts with sparkles
b. yellow and blue skirt with cute top, totally nautical
c. creme colored turtle neck and some uggs
d. brown long sleeved top and some jeans
5. we hate chores but what is your favorite one to do?
a. taking out the trash
b. fixing the garden
c. dishes, they are so easy
d.raking the leaves

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