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What is your perfect job?

most ansers - a
You are a totall diva so the perfect job for you would be a fashion model. You could show people what you got on the runway and in photos. I know what you are probably worried about since you are a diva you are probably worried about money. Dont worry model make tons of it. WORK IT GIRL!
Most answers- b
You are the creative, fashionable type. You are always searching for new ideas for clothes. Your perfect job would totally be a fashion designer. You are always making clothes that reperesent you and nobody else.
Most answers-c
You are the sporty type so your perfect job would be some kind of perfessional sports player. You love to bounce, kick, or throw a ball and nothing will stop you from winning.
Most answers-d
You love to use your voice and are great at it. Your perfect job would probably be a singer. You love to have all eyes on you and once you are a singer  all eyes will be on you. You love to wear flashy outfits that stand out in a crowd.

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