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Hi, Im m-teen girl. I love to help people it is one of my talents. I help people with problems with school ( Not homework), with your family, and much more.
If you have a problem you can email me it with your email adress and i can help!
( you dont have to use your real name)

Dear mteen girl,
ok, i just found out that my boyfriend, who i have been seeing for almost a year is been in contact on the internet with a girl from Russia. They have been talking back and forth. I foound out this when i was going to surprise him when he was at the library on the computer. when i did he tried to cover the screen like it wasnt any thing. When i demanded he show it to me he got tense. i saw and completely flipped my lid. what should i do? should i forgive him, he said he will stop and she was just a friend, or should i break up.
                           signed confused

Dear Confused,
      I think you should forgive him, but be extra careful and watch out. Follow your heart, if you think you cant trust him then dont. If i was your shoes i would have been just as scared as you. Watch him carefully, but if you have to be too careful you obviously should stop seeing him.

Dear Mteen girl,
  I need help with a couple of things.
1. How can I get this realy cute guy i like to ask me out?
2. I need some tips on how to do my makeup and hair and some awsome tips on how i can dress.
3. How can i become a singer. It is my dream and it is really what i want to do. I ben inspired by quite a bit of celberties about my choices.
ps. about problem #1 how can i also get this guy ask me to my grade 8 formal?
this is realy important to me to go to this dance with a date. It has been my dream to go and look hot and go with someone i really like.

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