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BFF...... NOT!

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Lauren and Heidi's

Friendship is so over

      Once roomates and best friends, Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad, are so over, i mean their friendship. As you may of saw on The Hills, Laurens t.v show set in L.A, dealing with her accomplishments in the fashion industry, Lauren and Heidi lived together in an apartment in L.A.
      After Heidi starts dating Spensor, her boyfriend and they move in together, Lauren gets angrier and angrier. Maybe it is because Lauren doesnt think that Spensor can be trusted. After seeing Spensor with other girls at a club and hurting heidi, but Heidi wont let him go. So when they move in together everybody thinks it is just a joke. Heidi said that her and Lauren will still be good friends after moving out, but Lauren says it hasnt been the same. It sounds like Lauren doesnt really care, because she is to busy getting settled in with her new roomate, Audrina, and her newest best friend.

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